3D X-rays

Digital imaging X-ray with new-level diagnostics

Ready to revolutionize your dental practice? Adding 3D X-ray dental imaging to your operatory will take your diagnostics to a new level. Astra offers 3D dental imaging solutions that give you higher-quality images for implants, oral surgery, endodontic procedures and other treatments while creating less impact on your patients and the environment.

When you go digital with Astra, you provide top-notch expert treatment and a higher quality of care to your patients—while improving the efficiency of your front and back office, saving you both time and money.

Check out the 3D imaging products most recommended by Astra, including:


The ImageWorks X-era offers a choice of two configurations of the X-era including:

  • 2-in-1 X-era: cone beam and panoramic
  • 3-in-1 X-era: cone beam, panoramic and ceph

The PreXion 3D Excelsoir offers a choice of optimal FOV sizes with or without ceph, including:

  • 5x5 images: for specific area diagnosis with minimal X-ray exposure
  • 10x5 images: wide view range for maxillary and mandibular areas
  • 10x8 images: for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning
  • 15x8 images: most optimal view for oral diagnosis for maxillary and mandibular structures in a single scan
  • 15x13 images: most optimal view of larger implant cases, airway, orthodontics and dental sleeping solutions

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