DAISY updates

DAISY updates

See what’s new on the latest DAISY releases.


  • New appointment statuses Ready and Seated
    • Track when patient arrives, is ready to be seated, is actually seated all separately
  • Phone Grid in New Account Wizard.
    • Users can add multiple phone types, including Mobile Phone from the New Account Wizard.
  • Automatically archive accounts after X years
    • DAISY allows users to deactivate accounts with no activity over a set number of years.
  • Show a flyover hint in Document Manager panel so that users can see full document title
  • Filter inactive patients from the Referred To Report (R1029)
  • Bridge to ScanOra
    • DAISY users can bridge the patient information to ScanOra imaging software
  • The patient and account search dialogs retain the status of the Show Inactive checkbox



  • New format for Change Healthcare claim status reports (277s)
  • Change Healthcare Eligibility is TLS 1.2 compliant
    • Eligibility requests communications will be transmitted at a higher level of security




  • Expanded the Description field on the Account Ledger report (R2140).
  • "Refile" a clinical note
    • Copies a clinical note to a new patient
    • Deletes the old note
    • Reset status to Ready for Review
    • Tracked in Activity Log
  • Medication lookup list for selecting medications
    • Add Medication to a patient
    • Lookup Maintenance
      • Add Medication Type
      • Delete a Medication Type
      • Edit a Medication Type
  • Support for SOTA in the Imaging Bridge
  • Section 1557 message on recall cards


  • Perio Charting - Show the number of deep probing sites on the Perio Exam Full View & Periodontal Graphic Chart (r2701) (Tracker #16067)
  • Users can now enter comments on a Perio exam screen. Comments print on the Perio Graphic Chart (R2701) report.


  • Add the Insurance Plan QA button on the Appointment Detail
  • Added the Scheduled Appointments report (R3022) to Schedule View. Allow the user to print a list of upcoming appointments
  • Reports
  • Added the cell phone to Treatment Plan Procedures Not Done report (R2003)
  • The Appointment Statistics report (R3008) now ignores "Not Applicable" appointments
  • User defined Route Slip r1027ole to displays the Last Recall type and date


  • Add Patient DOB & Ins. Co phone # to claim screen
  • Bulk cancel part-paid claims in Claim History


  • DAISY has a patient education bridge to Moda Health's program Health Through Oral Wellness.
  • The program clinically assesses the oral health of patients and offers extra benefits to patients who are at greater risk for oral diseases.
  • For more information see the Health Through Oral Wellness site http://www.deltadentalor.com/oralwellness/providers/


Clinical Enhancements

  • You may now associate documents in Document Manager with various mouth areas and teeth. Also, you can search for documents based on the mouth area. The tooth info appears in Clinical Notes Manager
  • .
  • Previously, selecting a tooth/teeth on a clinical note shows in Patient History but not in Clinical Notes Manager. Clinical Notes Manager has been enhanced to display this information.
  • Magnify view of Perio Exam full view
  • Show patient's nickname in the chart caption


  • Check or uncheck all resources in Best Fit with a single click
  • DAISY saves the width of the Organizer in the schedule view.

Other Changes

  • Show a "CR" on credit detail lines when Reviewing or Previewing statements
  • Added a Reminder filter to Patient Reminders report (R1025)
  • Update SecureEDI, Emdeon names in the DAISY software
  • Updated DAISY Document Archive to be fully Windows 10 compliant (using Nova PDF8)
  • Changed the description for Office Type 32 from "Nurse Fac" to "SNC" (Skilled Nursing Care)
  • Fixed an issue where updating UCR Fee schedule from the electronic remits did not work
  • Changed the default setting for Chart Display in Workstation Settings
  • Added Scheduled? filter with Y/N options for Patient Recall Letter merge document



EMV-Compliant Credit Card Processing

  • Register or remove an EMV terminal
  • EMV terminals can be used for Sales or Voids
  • Handle partial authorizations for terminal and wallet sales
  • Added EMV Payments to Quick Estimate menu
  • Estimated patient responsibility can automatically populate the EMV dialog
  • Force Settlement for EMV terminal

Appointment Scheduling

  • The Appointment Detail now shows primary and secondary subscriber IDs
  • When selecting TP procedures into the appointment detail grid, completed treatment plan procedures no longer show on the list
  • Fixed problem with printing schedule "...continued"

Accounts & Patients

  • If an Account is marked for collections you cannot accidentally edit the Financial Arrangement
  • On the Account and Patient windows, there is a quick access button to Reassign Patient Coverage
  • It is easier to replace the primary and secondary guarantors. Use the menu (Edit | Swap Guarantors) to move the secondary guarantor to the primary position.
  • The Patient History screen shows the patient’s phone number


  • The Delayed Bleeding dialog has been reworked to be more user-friendly
  • In Perio charting there are new keyboard shortcuts for the perio exam toolbar buttons
    • Full View (Ctrl-V)
    • Pocket Depth (Ctrl-D)
    • Bleeding (Ctrl-B)
    • Delayed Bleeding (Ctrl-G)


  • On the Claim window, the length of In-office claim notes is increased
  • When creating a Rebill claim, the "Get Rebill Procedures" dialog box is sizeable (size is not maintained)
  • When created a Ledger claim, the "Create Ledger Claim" dialog box is sizeable (size is not maintained)
  • A Patient History QA button has been added to the Claim window

Practice configuration

  • New Location types have been added
  • Editing the Location NPI updates all Provider's Site NPI numbers (Type II) for that location

Fee Schedules

  • Fixed the problem with updating fee schedules where it would round up the amount
  • Fixed the category for CDT procedure D4346
  • Changed procedure D6081 to require only a tooth

Report changes

  • Aging Report (R2100) can be configured to show Statement Messages. Adds the Statement Message and Statement Message edit date to the report as a new detail row. The word “messages” must be in the report title (not case sensitive)
    • Example1: Do not show messages when the title is "Account Aging"
    • Example2: Show messages when the title is "Account Aging w/Stmt Messages"
    • Example3: Show messages when the title is "Account Aging w/messages"
  • The Account Ledger report (R2140) now displays the comments for payments, adjustments and charges
  • The Visit Summary and Visit Summary with Patient Responsibility (R2142) now contain the Provider Broadcast
  • The Insurance Rollover date appears on the User Defined Route Slip (R1027ole.rpt)
  • The Insurance Rollover date appears on the Appointment Route Slip (R3015)
  • The Patient Demographics report (R1020.rpt)
    • Timeframe filter- Filter for production within a given time frame
    • New Patient filter- Filter for patient added within a given time frame
    • Fixed the problem where the report could generate an error 515, error in formula
  • The Treatment Plan report now displays the patient's primary phone number for appointments (R2002)
  • The Patient Profile report (R1003) now
    • Displays the Subscriber DOB
    • Shows an asterisk next to the Primary Phone Number for Appointments
  • The Activity Log report (R1101) now includes deleted users on the User
  • The Referral Detail report (R1009), now
    • Includes the last DOS for the patient
    • Sorts by last name instead of first name
  • Corrected Patient Recall Letter mail merge document so it works when filtering for NextCalendarMonth
  • The Account Profile report (R1002) now contains the Insurance Company name
  • Customized report titles now show for the following reports:
    • Account Aging (R2100)
    • Account Aging w/Provider Detail (R2102)
    • Patient List (R1004)
    • Recall by Patient (R1011)


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